Canada sheds ‘disappointing’ 24,200 jobs in July: analysts

Canada’s economy shed a net 24,200 jobs in July, driven by a decline in wholesale and retail trade, official data showed on Friday, as Canada’s job market remained in a holding pattern for the third consecutive month.

Statistics Canada said the unemployment rate edged up to 5.7% from 5.5% in June as more people looked for work after hitting record lows earlier this year. Analysts in a Reuters poll had predicted a gain of 12,500 jobs and an unemployment rate of 5.5%.

“Clearly it’s on the disappointing side of expectations,” said BMO Chief Economist Doug Porter. “Of course, you can never read too much into any one month but this is the third setback in employment in the past five months.”

The Canadian dollar weakened to $1.3268, or 75.37 cents U.S., following the decline…

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